Company Profile

The company gets its name from one of the World's Healthiest Fruit, APRICOT

Apricot Labs is founded by Eminent Physicians more than 5 years ago. It is a member company of a network of independently associated companies which are engaged in the research, development, production and marketing of healthcare products. We are distinguished by our pioneering research, products, and medical programs which are directed towards alleviating pain, infertility, GI disorders.

We are committed to improving patients' lives in meaningful ways by providing safe and effective therapies.

We are Premiers in Nutraceuticals, and we are pursuing a promising pipeline of new medications through internal research, development and strategic industrial partnerships.

At Apricot, we embrace our mission to find, develop, and introduce innovative medicines that meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. We work towards a healthier n happier world.

Supported by a network of distribution centres in the world, Apricot Labs is now one of the wellknown suppliers of contamination prevention products in Europe. We are one of the very few companies in india to have USFDAapproval for our products

Apricot Labs Private Limited (CIN: U24100AP2014PTC092633) is a company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956.

It was the vision of the promotors of the company to create an institution which could work in the field of fertility. All the four promoter directors are medical professionals with eminent standing in their fraternity.

In early months of 2014, their vision took a shape with the formation of the Company Apricot Labs Private Limited, the journey began with the seed money brought in by the promoters and with investment being made on research and development.

After numerous trials and testing on the various medical formulations, the team arrived at some very unique formulations which were/are new and very pertinent for the targeted segment of the society.


  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Trading of Medical devices and equipments.
  • Manufacturing of Surgical Masks (New Venture)
  • Trading and Manufacturing of covid essentials

The company through its unique Pharmaceutical formulations continued with the vision and has been the market leader by producing 16 diversified trademarked products. To name of few such as PANCOT DSR, OLIGOFERT, ACECOTPLUS, APRIVIT, LETROFERT and many more !! Apricot Labs Private Limited has been a proud market leader in the in the states of Telangana, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and more to add to this list. The Company has its own developed and proven formulations for all the products and gets these manufactured on the job work basis from pharmaceutical companies.

Each pharma product of the Company has its own uniqueness in a way , it cures and prevents the medial ailments and reduces the negative after effects of the same. Mentioning anything less than a perfect infertility treatment product wont suffice to describe the products relating to infertility. The products have been used and are in use till dare by the directors self run clinics and hospitals named M/s Sai Matrika Fertility Center, M/s Nephron Kidney Center and M/s Nirmal Hospital, and the results are outdriven compared to any other medical tablets used for the cure and in fact gave incomparable and unbelievable proven results.

Also, the company is into the business of importing of laser machines and other medical devices/equipments and distribution, marketing and selling them.


The company is proud to be the only Authorized importer of the product “BloodSTOP® iX Advanced Hemostat and WoundHEAL” commonly called as “Blood Stop” which is used in internal surgery and for patients taking anticoagulant medications surface wound hemostasis only. Applications include general surgery, ENT procedures, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery and many other surgical and post-surgical procedures, surface bleeding. Combat, natural disasters, fires, auto accidents, shootings and other emergencies often occur a distance from hospitals and surplus blood supplies. This helps in having a fast and effective way to halt bleeding, allowing them to stabilize patients until they can be transported to a medical facility.

The Company was appointed as the authorized dealer of this product on Pan-India basis. Currently, the Company aims at providing this product to all the hospitals across India, apart from that Company aims at providing this product to the Indian armed forces (Army, Navy, Airforce) whose tireless work towards the Nation and whose ultimate sacrifice to the Nation are always there. As the nation’s proud soldiers safeguarding the Indian frontier are always at a high risk of injuries, this product will act as the first line of defense aiding in controlling blood loss.

New Venture

In recent times due to the outbreak of a deadly Virus named “Covid-19” in China, there has been a huge demand for the surgical face masks and N-95 Masks. Due to huge demand for these disposable face masks there has been shortage of the stocks of the disposable face masks not only in Indian Market but also in International Market.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, India's domestic markets, including wholesale and retail, are facing shortage of quality face masks. There has also been an upward revision of prices.

Global markets are already seeing tremendous up-tick in demand which is slowly spiraling in Indian markets as well, having this state of situation Indian Government has opened the market for exports as well.

Also, Hospitals and governments also the countries of middle east, western and some countries in the southern part also have strict policies relating to wearing of masks for every individual entering the hospital premises and also to protect doctors, nurses and each and every person from infections, thus creating demand for the Surgical Masks and Non-Woven masks in such countries as well.


The Company has obtained all the necessary certificates such as CE, GMP (Good Manufacturing Factories), Report of the Lab test for all the variants of masks which are being manufactured by The Company and ISO. The Company is in the process of obtaining the final certificate from SITRA and also FDA certifications for all the products which are being dealt by The Company.


Apricot Labs Private Limited has made export arrangements with countries like Qatar, USA,DUBAI, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY and also have a few confirmed orders as well. Apart from the export sales the Company has also made certain arrangements to domestic sales in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana etc.

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